Bikini Buds Shanina Shaik and Lais Ribeiro Living it Up in Miami

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Mitch Jablonski - February 12, 2019

The coolest thing in the world has to be being best friends with a supermodel. If you're also a supermodel, you just might have doubled your pleasure. A whole boat full of supermodel best friends and bikini buds? Now you're cooking with gas!

Jasmine Tookes was celebrating her birthday in Miami, and what better way than rounding up her bikini buds like Shanina Shaik and Lais Ribeiro for a little fun in the sun. Day drinking is a must at any gathering of supermodel bikini buds, and it looks like the ladies were hitting the sauce early and often!

Shanina Shaik was making it happen in a royal blue bikini that nicely accentuates her figure, while Lais Ribeiro was strutting her stuff in a black dental floss dealie that barely covered up her naughty bits. If only I could be best bikini buds with these ladies too, though it seems like the only dudes allowed were running the security detail.

Birthdays can be a joyous time, especially if you're a supermodel like Jasmine Tookes and your best bikini buds are Shanina Shaik and Lais Ribeiro. Put those ladies in bikinis and there ain't no stopping them now. They're on the move.

Photos via Splash News