Big ‘Star Wars 7’ Announcement Announcement: Disney Says They’ll Reveal The Cast…Eventually

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bill-swift - April 23, 2014

We're almost there, everyone. Just hang on a little bit longer, and all these Star Wars 7casting rumors will come to an end.

Speaking with Bloomberg at a Tribeca Film Festival panel, Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn officially announced that they are actually going to officially announce the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII. At some point. Most likely.

Isn't that fantastic? It's like a save the date card for a wedding! The actual invitation with all the info you actually need will eventually come. But until then, please accept this teaser invitation.

Horn said Disney is "not prepared" to make the announcement just yet, but they will be "very shortly" because casting is "almost complete."

Very shortly? Almost complete? Those are some slightly less vague answers! They still don't tell us when we can really expect to see the actual cast unveiled, but my growing frustrations with frustration with this entire process is slightly placated. Huzzah!

Hat Tip – [The Wrap]

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