Bianca Blanco Is Pretty In Pink

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aldo-vallon - December 20, 2017

   Does this woman ever leave the beach? It is getting to the point where I am beginning to stop fawning over her body and am instead starting to notice things in the background. Like, how is it her beaches are always deserted and pristine? I can't find a beach that isn't either packed with land whales or covered in used syringes. I tend to take my chances on the latter, one can only get HIV once, right? And it has the added benefit of not making me lose my lunch, as in the former scenario. 

the second thing I noticed in these pics is that there does not seem to be a lifeguard on duty. That is very irresponsible of Ms. Blanco. What if she were to get sucked into a riptide, or cramp up while swimming? She at least needs to have a buddy out there with her. And don't try telling me that is what the cameraman is for. There is not a chance in hell that guy is getting into the water because that would mean abandoning his camera gear on the shore. Those freaks treat their gear like babies. Some of them even swaddle it at night.  



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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