Beyonce Wastes Champagne

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Lex Jurgen - May 20, 2015

Beyonce is being lambasted for pouring out a $20K bottle of champagne in a music video where she and Nicki Minaj encourage girls to use their tits and ass to get ahead in life. If you're watching Beyonce music videos, you have to know that your powers of deduction aren't going to carry you. Heed Aunt Bey. A number of people who have little sense of how life works got pissed that Beyonce wasted so much money when they're struggling to pay their rent or the college tuition nobody told them to take on.

Here's the thing, Char and Ash and College Guy. Whether Beyonce drinks the champagne or dumps it out to look bad-ass on camera, it's not your twenty thousand. The alternatives was never her paying for your Anthropology degree or solving the drought. That latter one doesn't even make sense. Beyonce's husband owns the champagne company and a good chunk of the stupid Tidal music service you paid to witness this horror. Those cunning fuckers make money while you spend and Tweet about not having enough. Go buy a Diet Snapple and just toss it in the trash. Get a taste of the good life. Then pluck it back out of the trash because that's your food money for today.

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