Beyonce Booty Exhibition Time Because the MILF is Back

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bill-swift - October 15, 2017

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I don't quite understand the composition of this piece shared by Beyonce, but I well understand wicked hot moms with baby making powers and booties to boot showing of their recovery bodies after bringing more life into the world. That would be Beyonce sharing video and photos of her return to fine female form on social media.

Beyonce has made her living with her looks and there's no sign any of that is ever going to slow down. Not with her built in hotness and the work she puts in to keep the dancer's body a-dancing. The blonde locked pop star will soon be returning to strut and stage in various forms of derriere spotlighted body suits and twerking type maneuvers. This is a good thing.

Say what you will about Beyonce off the field, when the whistle blows to play ball, she gets down in her stance and is ready to go with a rump shaking dispersal of the sextastic like few pop divas before her. I don't get people who spent hours honing in on her particular nail polish. I do get people who spend even more hours imagining making more babies with her. Enjoy.


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