Beyonce Performs In Miami

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bill-swift - April 28, 2016

Beyonce seems especially fierce of late. I'm not sure what that means. But I know I'd like the Beyonce booty to teach me a lesson. Strut on over and just slap me about the face for all my prurient thoughts. That would take a lot of whacks. There's a lot of thoughts up there. Many of them about the MILFtastic curvaceous Beyonce, still prancing on stage ten years after exploding as a solo artist, album after album, tour after tour, seeing her as the top female entertainer in the world. It's quite a thing. And that asstastic.

Beyonce does the costume thing big in Miami. Some of her previous wardrobes have been more showy, though I am typically imagining her changing eleven times per set back in a wardrobe just cluttered with thongs and body suits made of latex and lycra. I bet the talc guy stays busy. I'd sure like to find out first hand. Yes, Bey, I know the rubber suit needs to be powdered if you're to get into it in ten seconds. Might I recommend you leap naked from the table top and slide right in. I'm holding on with two hands. Well, one hand. You can't hardly blame me. Enjoy.

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