Beyonce Chesty Peeks At US Open

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michael-garcia - September 2, 2016

This week is the US Open and Beyonce brought her own 40 loves to the game. Among the who's who that are attending the games is Queen B herself and, as is her want, she's showing a lot of cleavage. She had on a shirt that was tied at the breast. The resulting cleavage was something to behold. Did you see her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards? It was all kinds of hot. She had her ta-tas showing, as usual, but the performance also featured her fantastic booty. Unfortunately, we don't see any of that in these pics because she's sitting down, but we can imagine. 

Jay Z is a lucky man. He needs to stop cheating on her though. If the first time he did it she wrote a hit album, who knows what she's liable to do if he does it again. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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