“Better Call Saul” the Song a Vivid Reminder of How Much We’re Going to Love “Better Caul Saul” the TV Show

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bill-swift - October 7, 2014

We've still got what feels like an eternity—four months—until the premiere of AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. However, show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have been feeding us teasers of the show for months, and now they've penned the lyrics to an original song.

The song, which is actually pretty great, is called "Better Call Saul," fittingly enough. It was written by Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul composer Dave Porter, and performed by country music veteran Junior Brown. And of course, the damn thing even has a music video, which I put down below instead of up above so you wouldn't just watch it and skip this amazing copy.

Will this wind up being the theme song of the new show? Probably not. But as the folks at Slate point out, it will remind you of the many hilarious "Better Call Saul" commercials and "Negro y Azul," that sweet narcocorrido song that opened the seventh episode of Season 2 of Breaking Bad.

So please, watch and enjoy.