Bethesda Reveals ‘Dragonborn’ Skyrim DLC

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bill-swift - November 6, 2012

As with regular Skyrim fashion, previous rumors of a new DLC pack coming to Bethesda's best selling RPG have been officially confirmed by Bethesda Softworks. Rumors began circulating in October of a third DLC pack coming to Skyrim. The DLC titled 'Dragonborn' was discovered in a line of code from a PC update of the game, which also hinted at the ability to ride dragons.

Bethesda have released an official trailer for Dragonborn, which you can view above. For those with less time on their hands, the DLC looks to be adding several new items and features to the open world RPG such as the new Bone Mold armor and the ability to ride dragons. While Dragonborn certainly looks to be packed with a wide variety of new additions, one of the most striking aspects of the DLC seems to be the return to Morrowind. Morrowing was the setting of The Elder Scrolls' third installment and featured very unique environments that have most been absent from Skyrim. Taking the series back to its roots seems to be the idea behind this DLC, while giving players exactly what they've been asking for in the form of mountable dragons.

It seems as though Bethesda has been mostly on the ball with these DLC's; adding content that the fans crave, while keeping the game an enjoyable experience for everyone...except PS3 users. While there's still no mention of any of the 3 Skyrim DLC's coming to PS3 users, Xbox 360 players can pick up Dragonborn for 1600 MSP when it arrives December 4, 2012.

What have you thought of Skyrim's DLC packs so far? What do you think Bethesda should add next? Will PS3 users ever get a decent Skyrim experience?

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