Bethenny Frankel May Be Staging Her Ex-Husband Stalker Battles

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Lex Jurgen - March 6, 2017

The National Enquirer is running with a piece that Real Housewives cast member Bethenny Frankel may be playing up contentious battles with her ex-husband in order to create dramatic content for her reality show. To save everybody time on validating the claim -- no shit. 

Frankel took out a restraining order on Jason Hoppy recently citing his stalking habits and a recent shouting match between the two outside their kid's school. Also, the fact he didn't realize he was being used to make a cute baby and play a role for a season or two. Hoppy simply can't let her go. Finishing on those bolt-ons is a hard thing to give up cold turkey. 

“Some of the cast do not think it is a coincidence that all this drama with Bethenny and her ex went down while they happened to be filming. Bethenny’s messy personal life is what made her a reality star. We watched her fall in love, become a mother and now we are watching it all fall apart.”

Reality television began with producers casting a wide net for bizarre and quirky people who were willing to let cameras into their homes for five bucks and a pair of clean socks. It didn't take long for drunken middle aged women with second rate tit jobs to learn how to game the system. Invent the madness and encourage your kids to get into drugs and casual sex. Also, agree to wear low cut tops and fuck black guys. That seems vulgar. In the least, racist. The target audience won't ask questions if you can hook them into a stupor for sixty minutes.

Bethenny Frankel fled to Florida where the strong winds blew off her butter face hat and threatened to topple her stucco facade:

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