Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Are Backside and Frontside Kind of Ogle-Worthy

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bill-swift - February 29, 2012

Granted, if you don't watch Real Housewives of New York (secretly or openly) and you're not a big follower of natural food cooks and cookbooks, then you probably have no real idea who Bethenny Frankel is. But, I bet your wife or girlfriend does.

And, now, you can see this former Apprentice contestant and New Yorker reality star in her best possible look, a white bikini flashing her working mom girl bottom and top down in Miami on holiday, with just her, her family, and a million and one paparazzi snapping her every shake and bend. Bethenny Frankel is no S.I. Swimsuit model, but for a 41-year old fairly new mom, yeah, we're leering. Enjoy.