Beth Humphreys Braless Pictures Deliver Extreme Heat in South African FHM

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bill-swift - February 20, 2013

Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been updated or removed.
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While I was pretty sure we had fallen head over heels in lust with Britty hottie, Beth Humphreys, I'm now fully convinced of a deep and unwavering desire to make many babies and popular our own planet together with Beth after seeing her brief, but unforgettable posing in a pictorial for this month's FHM magazine South Africa. Wow.

I guess you could chalk it up to the fact that super sextastic women posing on all fours with their rumps up in the air and their sweet faptastic funbags dangling beneath their fine form is always a winner. But with some of the finer looking ladies, we go from winning to yearning and well beyond into catatonic states of fantasizing. A happy place where I am now, with Beth, asking her to please never change positions. Enjoy.

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