Bella Thorne’s Sexy Stockings For Christmas

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aldo-vallon - December 25, 2018

No one can seem to decide on the proper costume for Mrs. Claus. She is either dressed up more modestly than my grandmother at a funeral, or she is sluttier than a stripper on Valentine’s Day. Clearly Bella Thorne decided to go with the latter interpretation. Santa must be extremely devoted to his job for him to be able to leave a piece like that alone on Christmas Eve.

This is all being said under the assumption that she is trying to be Mrs. Claus. She could easily pass for Santa’s mistress as well. The mistress is not as widely covered in the folklore, but it makes sense. Of course a famous man with that kind of power is going to attract admirers. And since Santa knows who is naughty and nice, he has the ability to make an informed decision as to who should fill the roll.

That is tougher to do than one might think if you don’t have access to that kind of information. If the mistress is not naughty enough then you basically just gave yourself another wife, which is no good. But if you go too naughty then you are putting the overall health of yourself and your wife in jeopardy.




Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA