Bella Thornes Sexy Snapchat With Burgers

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bill-swift - June 21, 2017

Bella Thorne has taken Snapchat and made it her own. It's actually unclear what Snapchat is used for besides hot young women sharing provocative photos of themselves. As if there actually needs to be another purpose to make it worth billions.

Bella conducted herself in an orchestra of bikini hotness with a hamburger of some kind in a show of food and sextastic that reminded me in reverse order of the things I love in this world. Bella is absolutely a sharing machine, which makes her a saint in my book. That's the book where I take saints away for weekends to the islands, and or the shed out back, and we keep each other from boredom by making the sexy until our privates threaten to fall off. 

Ah, summer is here and lust is in the air. Cheeseburgers in paradise. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Snapchat