Bella Thorne Trucks Herself In Multimillion Dollar F*ck Me Firetruck Music Video

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Sam Robeson - January 15, 2019


Conspiracy theory time. What if AIDS under a microscope Bella Thorne was meta, and her new self-directed music video for Fuck Me Firetruck was a commentary on the stage four delusion experienced by the whore-des of D-list plastic surgery victim Insta nobodies? Think about it. She's James Francoing right before our eyes and us sheeple are too programmed by the mass media to notice. Media is the opioid of the masses. Open your damn eyes.

JK Bella Thorne is a sex worker who scrounged up the twenty dollars required to purchase an Olan Mills photo backdrop and some donated Salvation Army toys. Our little Toys for Thots sexually assaults a firetruck while moaning out lyrics that will give your eardrums chlamydia. But should this have been included in our post about the sexiest music videos of all time? Obviously. And would you hit it? Pft. Does Bella Thorne fuck firetrucks.


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