Bella Thorne Sports Bra Reveals on Snap

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bill-swift - May 11, 2017

I'll be the first to admit Bella Thorne needs a sandwich. In betwixt this not so troubling rebel stage of her late teens and busting out of innocent Disney stage, she's taken to the ab slenderness a bit too much. But, you can always feed a girl. Especially one with the big funbags she shows off constantly on social media under various shades of hair color and piercings.

Every single one of these Mouse House graduates takes to some form of digging at their repressed past in some manner of burgeoning into womanhood. So long as it doesn't involve drugs and alcohol, we're all good here. We will leer and tender our garden, and you will bare your lady parts for attention in the name of empowerment. It's the best show ever and it's entirely free. Snapchat was made for Bella Thorne. Also, one million teen girls doing things they're going to super regret someday. Ah, technology. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @bellathornedab / Snapchat