Bella Thorne Orange Bra Leaving the Doctor

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brian-mcgee - September 1, 2017

When you're going to the doctor, you always want to look your best. Looking your best helps improve your overall health and with a heaping helping of white coat syndrome, they'll write you a scrip and send you on your way. Bella Thorne clearly got all of these memos, because she is killing it on the way out of a doctor's visit!

Looking your best should always involve a chance to plug a lifestyle brand you're associated with, as Bella demonstrates here by wearing a hat for some app she probably gets a dime for every time someone downloads it. It's called doing your part, and just because you're on your way to the doctor doesn't mean you shouldn't grab that hat, even if it means forgetting to wear a shirt. 

Bella Thorne knows the ins and outs of this celebrity thing. She's got this on lockdown, she's got her scrip and her iced green tea cleanser and her hat for her boyfriend's band or whatever, and she's out to let the world know that she's gonna kill it today. Kill it girl, just like you do every day. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Backgrid