Bella Thorne Lesbian Tongue Brawl with Tana Mongeau (VIDEO)

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aldo-vallon - October 10, 2017

 I know I am not the most experienced man in the world, but I do not think they are doing that right. I could be wrong, God knows that has been the case many times before, but I normally take a different approach when kissing a woman. I latch onto their mouth like a suckerfish so there is usually a greater proportion of lips to tongue than what I am seeing here. These two look like they are pushing two pieces of the soft side of velcro together. There is something that just does not appear to be connecting.

Like I said, I could be the weird one that happens to be behind the times. Maybe this is the newest trend in this generation, where two people attack each other's tongues like an old fashioned thumb war. I guess the winner is whoever's tongue ends up on top. It certainly is taking it up a couple of notches from the game of my youth, but I still do not think my friends will be interested in playing. Judging by their reactions to a sword fight I would consider that a safe assumption. 



Photo Credit: Instagram