Bella Thorne Ginger Teen Hotness in Cosmo

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bill-swift - January 14, 2015

Well, hello there, Bella Thorne in Cosmo. Technically, behind the scenes for this ginger teen starlet's Cosmo shoot. Nothing too racy, not quite there yet. But the way her career and her profile is jetting skyward, you can count on more mature themed shoots just as soon as the Disney bonds are cast asunder. It's a formula we've come to count on here at Egotastic. It keeps me riding the exercise bike so I can live to see it.

Bella's got all the tools to be a very popular young woman. Cosmo knows it. The slightly more feminist leaning Egotastic knows it. There's a certain flutter she produces that I can't possibly in any intimate detail until she turns eighteen on paper this October. Her real age always being somewhat in question, but we go by the book. Or, in this case, the magazine, with lovely hot photos of Bella. That means beautiful in Italian. I have Google translate. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan