Bella Thorne Cleavy Tank Top In LA

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bill-swift - June 17, 2016

I'm not sure if you've noticed before, but I'm kind of obsessed with barely legal ginger Bella Thorne. Hard to imagine she's been at this business of Hollywood for so many years already, a precocious teen who for the last many months we've finally been able to reveal and speak to in her full age of consent glory. I'm quite certain I'm not the only one. All ten million of her fans are not girls. 

Bella makes it easy to be somewhere just below stalker level with her near constant self-promotion of her sweet fine female form, as well as candidly caught in public moments when she's in a cleavetastic tank top for instance. This isn't a baggy wardrobe kind of young woman. Bella knows her reputation counts on her being "cute" to her teen girl fan base, and alluring to her gentleman ogling army of male virtual suitors. She seems to have nailed this dual self-promotional strategy. The results speak for themselves. As do the tingles I feel from toe to head with her every appearance. Bella, I wouldn't change a thing about you. Well, I mean, minus ditching the top. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash