Bella Thorne Baring Bra Top in Sherman Oaks

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bill-swift - August 24, 2017

When you're Bella Thorne, you are always on. You wonder why the red haired hottie and teen sensation of my late night REM sleep dreams is ever showing skin when out. Well, for one, I believe it's the law. But also, she is always being photographed. If not by the professional paparazzi, you can see in these photos the girl trailing her when out and about holding up a camera. She's being filmed whenever outside her doors. And inside her doors, hopefully sex tapes, but that's another matter.

Bella hit the hard streets of Sherman Oaks in a revealing bra type top. Not a bra type top, just a bra really. She had something blocking it a bit which is unfortunate and her look maybe before the sun goes down, but for the adamant peeker that I am, I move to positions of better viewing as needed. Hey, some people drive to Wyoming to see the eclipse, I can spend a few minutes angling for a peek inside Bella Thorne's top.

Bella is the hot body gift that keeps on giving. Nearly daily both on social media and out in the real world that people on social media rarely see. If I'm her teacher, I give her an "A". And I ask her to stay after class for something we need to talk about. I'm naturally this way. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid