Bella Thorne Arrives at Her Hotel; Bella Thorne Leaves Her Hotel; Bella Thorne Is Being Starlet Molded in Double Time

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bill-swift - August 3, 2012

The Bella of the ball you might say, to use Disney lingo. To be sure, the Mouse House is most definitely molding young Bella Thorne into a mature figure that they want on the walls of teen boys everywhere, which is half disturbing, but half-understandable, both from the oodles of cash money Disney will rake in by doing so, and by the fact that Bella Thorne seems to be the perfectly prepared young lady for the job. Her transformation from new kid in TV land to hot teen 'it' girl has been fast and furious (and entirely carefully planned).

Bella has a boyfriend now. Stays in hotels with him. Travels about the country in grownup gear, heels, movie premieres, red carpets, the whole nine yards (which is 8.5 yards farther than I ever did at her age, though I did once smoke some clove cigarettes with the punker girls behind the former auto shop class, so I had my bad-ass Freshman moments).

Bella hit N.Y.C. with the movie star glasses and hot pink pants to enter her hotel, and came out later on in her evening dress and heels, it's like watching the birth of a starlet, who wasn't even born that long ago. Enjoy.