Bella Hadid White Lace Reveals in Cannes

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bill-swift - June 1, 2017

Bella Hadid has a magical way of looking like she doesn't want to be noticed, while clearly dressing in super revealing outfits in public demanding attention. Consider this the exact perfect way to be a sextastic celebrity. The "why are you looking at my wicked hot body in a see-through bra and panties thing I have going on" look. Nailed it.

Bella is still in Cannes mopping up the remaining Euro-paparazzi and ogling gentleman who came to town to see the world's finest looking ladies in barely there outfits. And Bella's body demands such a slight amount of clothing. The mesh is perfect for the underthings reveal without ever being fully arrested by the authorities. It's France. You could probably skip the panties and still go on about your business. If only Bella would. Damn, that hot body. It's almost making me want to become a productive man. That's how serious this is getting. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Getty