Bella Hadid vs Jenna Dewan Plunging Hotness

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bill-swift - June 24, 2016

Not exactly a cocktail dress showdown, but two of our favorite alluring Tinsel Town hotties, Bella Hadid and Jenna Dewan both pleasured our libidinal senses with some low cut black dress and tank tops, because summer and because there's somebody up there looking out for us gentleman oglers 24x7. 

Bella Hadid, my future wife for at least one weekend in the 2020's, went braless in a body suit type thing that she had to know was driving everybody crazy around her, but those reflective sunglasses hid her sense of accomplishment. I kind of love that. Whilst Jenna went for more of the mommy show off bit, reminding everybody that she's a responsible adult, yet you'd pay your life savings for the show she puts on in private when she gets in one of her moods to be making more babies. Both of these loveliest of lasses bringing about the happy tingles of the summer season. Black doesn't have to be formal. Sometimes it's casual boner. Oops. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet