Bella Hadid Pokies in NYC

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aldo-vallon - August 29, 2017

 Mark this one down as another example of an unjust double standard between men and women. When my nipples are protruding from my shirt everybody is like, "That's disgusting, Aldo." Or, "This is a kid's birthday party!" But when Bella Hadid's nipples are trying to pull a Jim Morrison and break through to the other side then it is cause to celebrate. I want to know when the glass ceiling for men's nipples finally be broken through?

Sure, maybe I can legally run down the street with my shirt off, but that does not prevent everyone who sees me from shielding their children's eyes to spare them the horror. It would be the complete opposite for Bella. She has to keep her shirt on for her own well being, and maybe to not offend the last remnants of the puritans that are still hanging around. I wonder how many women go braless on purpose? Maybe if they are feeling lazy that day and do not want to go through the trouble of doing their hair, or putting on their makeup, they can just say rub their nips for a few seconds and go out. God knows no one is going to looking above their neckline. 

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Photo Credit: Backgrid