Bella Hadid, Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carey: Trio Of Sweet Funbags At Catch Restaurant

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bill-swift - November 7, 2016

I don't know precisely how certain restaurants become celebrity hotspots. I have to believe it's seeded with some nice envelopes full of cash to the right publicists and agents in town. So be it. It's just food. And for the record, none of the female celebrities in particular are eating any of outside the parsely. Nevertheless, the Catch restaurant on Melrose has taken up position as the place to see and be seen and eat that parsley sprig for $350.

If you've got a nice limit on your Amex, you too could be dining alongside the mams revealing hotness that was Bella Hadid, Pamela Anderson, and Mariah Carey over the weekend. When you hit a joint with a hundred cameras station outside, you can't simply dine out in any old thing. You're looking at several hours of preparation to get those melons looking just right. This isn't about sustenance, let alone fish. This is about looking amazing on the pages of Egotastic. Congratulations, ladies. Any leftovers for daddy? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash

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