Bella Hadid Has Her Hands Full For Michael Kors

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aldo-vallon - January 30, 2019

I have a hard time believing this ad is going to help Michale Kors sell any bags, and that is not Bella Hadid’s fault. Seeing her with that many bags is my own personal hell. I have had this conversation with several people before and they agreed with me, so I know I am not alone in feeling this.

The worst parts of my day, on average, are walking to my car in the morning and walking to my apartment in the evening. Normally, I only carry one bag with me, and even that is too much. Stuff is always falling out of the bag, even when it is completely shut. The doors seem to shrink as soon as they see me approaching, so I end up banging every part of my body on the frame as I squeeze in. And somehow my bag always gets caught in the closing door, even when I am certain I pushed it through ahead of me.

So when I see Bella with that many bags I am not tempted to buy more bags for my many adventures. I am instead tempted to take the battery out of my CO detector and let fate have its way with me. Sorry Bella and Michale.





Photo Credit: Backgrid USA