Bella Hadid Fashion Victim With Bra

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Sam Robeson - April 28, 2017

Someday our well of insults for Bella Hadid will run dry. By that point, she'll have joined her mother in the Jocelyn Wildenstein training program. Hadid knows how to make headlines. She siphons attention away from her legit mode sister, Gigi. Hadid can't rely on natural beauty that never existed. Instead, she strategically bares her body in outfits that make Kylie Jenner look like a Southern Baptist at a Sunday pot luck. Hadid can slut stroll like no one else. This time she wears an elegant crop top with lace-up flared sleeves. Sorry, Kate Middleton. This is a lady.

Hadid's look got the attention of every pap in New York City. Her skill is admirable. She teases with a peek at her bra. She perused the pamphlet on where men like to finish. Hadid wants us to call this outfit ugly. Plebs don't understand haute couture. She paid to look like the ghost of Lisa Left Eye Lopes. Gigi grabs attention when she simply wears a tight top. Bella has to look like a fashion victim with underserved confidence.

Bella Hadid has chosen the path of the obvious and the crass. She's going to make a massive amount of money in 2017.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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