Bella Hadid Deep Cleavy Peeks In Red

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bill-swift - January 13, 2016

Bella Hadid may still be growing into her body, as I would like to do myself, but as a late teen with a curvaceous tall and wonderful female form, she's getting there in super alluring and boobtastic fashion.

Perhaps not as directly showy as her slightly older sister Gigi Hadid, Bella is edging toward some kind of greatness, as are her gentleman ogling fans. She's got so much to work with and only now is she opening up to photographers to show more and more of her, in fashion backed form of course. Such as this cleavetastic spread in Elle magazine. Eventually, it will be more about the ridiculously hot flesh than it will be the silly clothes. This won't take long. It's a tough business and even though celebrity next-gen models have swell bank accounts to give them options, they aren't in this line of work to go unnoticed. If you build it, she will come. That might be the opposite. Either way, 2016 is going to be a great year for us and Bella. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle

Bella Bella Bella...

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