Bella Hadid Racktastic Bra Show for Vogue

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bill-swift - June 2, 2017

If you're looking for the hottest celebrity model name in the world with a healthy bosom to show off in various designer bra tops with fashionable dresses, look or leer no further than Bella Hadid. Vogue magazine in Italy scored the top trending young sextastic curvaceous model on the heels of her slit skirt displays in Cannes. Now she's gone to revealing her healthy chesty goodness for the love of fashion. Ever pimping.

Bella Hadid has proven that models need not be rail skinny and boyishly funbagged in order to book the big gigs. By sheer force of celebrity status and massive social media following, she's bringing the bigger teats back to ladies style. Whatever moves the merch is what's on the cover. That's Bella Hadid and her splendid fine female form. The pretty matchstick mannequins are fading. Long live the models with melons. All hail, Bella. Say it in Italian, it sounds more poetic. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Vogue Italia