Bella Hadid Braless Spectacular Pokes in Manhattan

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bill-swift - July 28, 2017

Bella Hadid is the sexastic gift that keeps on giving. And I don't mean she gives a visual treat once and recycles. Almost daily she's out and about in New York baring some or all of her body in revealing, tight, and commando style clothing. It's obscenity if obscenity meant what it was supposed to mean -- pure unadulterated tingles that make leering men super happy. It's the bad people who make good things dirty. Something like that.

Bella's tight white top and lack of upper undergarments of any kind produced a summery buttery alluring peek at her sweet teat peaks beneath, inclusive of some yearning to be free nipples that could drive a man straight into an ANR relationship. If that man isn't me and already involved in two dozen such suckling situations.

There's nothing hotter than a hot woman who knows she's hot. That's three "hots" in one sentence for emphasis. Bella, you are what we used to call, pure babe. That Unknown ID on your cellphone is me. How many more times before you pick up and tell me if you're downstairs commando as well today? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News