Bella Hadid Black And White Hotness

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michael-garcia - September 13, 2016

Bella Hadid wears nothing but an arm bra in this sexy black and white photoshoot for Flare Magazine. Bella's best assets are featured throughout the pics, namely her oversized lady mounds. While you don't see them completely, you get a good view. She's wearing just her own arms in a couple of the pics. Her thin arms cannot fully occlude chichis of that magnitude. It's impossible. Then she puts on a shirt but forgets to button it. She's got no bra on, of course, so the cleavage is mighty. I would love it if I could nuzzle them deep into the night. It would be an honor. Also the pictures are in black and white so you know it's all arty and classy.

I like Bella more than Gigi. Don't get my wrong, they are both super hot, but I think Bella is hands down the sexier of the two. That's just my opinion. 


Photo Credit: Flare Magazine

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