Bella Hadid Bares Fully Booty in Skimpy Thong

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bill-swift - October 17, 2017

Bella Hadid is one of those perfect combos of born and bred sextastic celebrity models. With the genetic goods from her former supermodel Dutch mom and a rearing in a home that had her exceptionally ready for self-promotion by way of exhibitionism when she turned adult age and fully entered the industry of her destiny.

Bella may be a highly sought after fashion model and well paid at that, but she never forgets the need to keep the publicity of prurient hot body shots rolling to keep her fanbase fapping and happy. Hence, super duper derriere revealing Instagram pics of her superior hiney in but a bit of dental floss thong. Wowzer. That's a shot you don't take without the extreme confidence of a very wanted young model.

Bella gets this business like almost no other. A perfect soldier in the wars for passion inducement and popularity. With that body of hers to work with, she's a certifiable lethal weapon. Or is a 200 bpm heart rate healthy for a man? Mine keeps rising the longer I leer. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram