Bella Hadid Bare Midriff Hotness Out in Hollywood

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bill-swift - June 15, 2016

Bella Hadid is back in L.A. after a whirlwind world tour of being hot and chesty on multiple continents as young famous models do. She's simply one of the literally and figuratively one of the most sought after face and bodies in the world at the moment. It's nice to see her back in her hometown reveling in the nightlife and baring her midriff for a little skin show in the process.

Everybody who is anybody these days is at The Nice Guy in Hollywood after dark. Celebrities multiply exponentially at locations as do the paparazzi. If you're Bella Hadid, you can't just head out to the Sizzler for the evening. Which is sad, because I waited there all night hoping she might show. But, that core of hers reminds me of the related parts of hers I want to cover in Smucker's Goobers ever so badly and slowly clean up with a pre-moistened towelette and blind passion. Bella, you drive my dreams. Don't hurt me, until I ask. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash