Bella Hadid and Stella Maxwell Kickoff Milan With Nipples

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Lex Jurgen - February 23, 2017

Fashion Weeks are like the Annual Fundraising Drives at your local elementary school, they take place five times a year and everybody pretends that's kosher. These fineries affairs are endless, moving from city to city as women who can't possibly carry their own luggage transfer from one Ritz hotel to the next in fashion capital cities. You set the whole thing to a Kraftwerk musical montage and it passes as art.

Milan Fashion week followed suit from New York and London before it by parading out a series of high priced young models to show you how cocktail parties would be far less tedious if you easily could see all the female guests' nipples. It's an ice breaker slightly better than magic tricks and slightly worse than an open bar.

Nobody can be wearing these outfits in a public setting. Maybe for their privately hosted AIDS quilting charity klatches. If you wonder as to the point, you'll lose the sublime nature of this pursuit. A contrived excuse to spend somebody else's fuck you money.

Photo Credit: Splash News 

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