Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid Sextastic Celebration for Bella’s 21st Birthday in New York

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aldo-vallon - October 11, 2017

 A double dose of Hadid is enough to make any night on the town special, but throw a twenty-first birthday on top of it and it becomes even more so. The twenty-first birthday is the final milestone party a person has that they can actually take joy in celebrating. The irony is that the night itself is hardly remembered. After twenty-one the only birthday one can look forward to is whichever one allows them to start drawing on social security and who knows which one that will be in the coming years. I will consider myself fortunate if I am eligible by the time I am eighty. And believe you me, when that day comes I will be partying harder than I did on my twenty-first, mainly because I could not hold my liquor and ended up on the floor of the bathroom by nine o'clock. So there really is not much of a high bar set there. But I have a feeling that eighty-year-old me will be rolling with the Hadids on that special day, maybe then we will be on the same level. 


Photo Credit: Splash News