Bella Hadid Abs, Tight Bra and Cleavage in NYC

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aldo-vallon - August 25, 2017

 Not having been privileged to live through the 80's, I am really digging these throwback styles so that I can properly appreciate them myself. Bella Hadid looks like she would fit right in as a back up dancer in some hip hop music video about how fly Shorty's shoes are. I will take this opportunity to add in that Bella's shoes are looking mighty fly. I guess when you have Bella Hadid dollars you can afford to take a risk on buying white shoes. I could never spend that kind of money on shoes that I know I would scuff up on the first day. Then I would have to throw them up of course, I could not walk around in visibly dirty shoes, I do not want people to know just how low class I am. That is why I only buy grey or black shoes. They are cheaper to maintain and look nearly as good as the white version.

Who am I kidding, the white shoes look way better. Grey does not even come close. It is not like Puff Daddy is throwing parties wear everyone shows up in grey clothes. And yes, I know that is not his current name, but that is my favorite of all his monikers.  


Photo Credit: Backgrid