Bella And Dani Thorne Sweaty Ready Gym Sisters

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bill-swift - June 2, 2017

I'll say this for the Thorne sisters, they put in the work. Forget all the piercings and hair dips and sunglasses and the likely accoutrements of young ladies on the independent rebel go, Bella Thorne and her workout sister, Dani Thorne, put in the sweat equity at the gym seemingly daily when at home base. And no powder puff workouts with ten minutes on the treadmill. They workout sweaty music video style.

Bella Thorne is working her way through her late teen years in the manner of a child actor let loose on the world. She's chosen social media as her rant and exhibitionist venue of choice. Which given it's universally available and free, works out quite well for those ogling gentleman who prefer to view mobile. Bella's body is ever on display. The planets couldn't be more aligned if they tried. Ladies, why not call me to join your workout? I'll hold the towels, dab your wet spots, and play Eye of the Tiger on my boombox. Don't discount the 80's. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid