Behold The Great Wall Of Vagina

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bill-swift - January 11, 2014

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest feats of human engineering. You can see it from space, for God's sake! Sculptor Jamie McCartney has created an homage to the wall, only instead of bricks he's making his wall out of vaginas. It's called...wait for it..."The Great Wall of Vaginas". No, not literal vaginas. There is no way a bunch of vaginas could hold a structure. That would be like building a house out of beef jerky. McCartney had over 400 women pose for plaster casts of their lady bits. McCartney then paints the casts white and fits them together like a bunch of vaginal Legos. I'm not sure what inspired this work of art besides McCartney just liking to look at vulvas. It seems like the ultimate pick-up line, though. "Naw, baby. I don't want you to show me your vagina for any weird reason. It's like, for art, or something." The sculpture is currently 30 feet long and growing. I'm sure that if you ladies met him in a dark alley you could probably add your hoo-ha to the wall. When is someone going to make the leaning tower of dong?

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