Behold The Amazing Oreo Separator!

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bill-swift - December 3, 2015

How do you properly eat an Oreo? How can you evenly separate the cream and the cookie? American ingenuity has come to the rescue once again! A physicist dude named David Neevel, who has a mustache that would make any hipster commit ironic suicide, invented the world's first Oreo separating machine. Neevel is not a fan of the cream filling...which is just weird, but whatever. So, he created a device that slices the Oreo in half with an ax and then shaves the cream off with a drill. While it's pretty cool and all, I think he's halving his possible market. With this device the cream is completely destroyed and you are left with only the cookie. That's great if you only like the cookie, but what if you only like the cream? He should come up with a way to remove the cream and keep it intact to cater to both demographics.

This is what I love about America and why we are the greatest country on Earth. We find ways to make it even easier to eat Oreos with as little effort as possible. Glorious.

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