Because We’ll Never Get a New Series, ‘Firefly Online’ Will Have to Do

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bill-swift - July 19, 2013

I, like many fans of Joss Whedon's long-dead Reconstruction Old West in Space show Firefly, have been waiting for something, anything from ol' man Whedon on the Browncoat front. Sure, most of us know that we'll never see another season of the series or even a Serenity sequel. The guy's just too busy making Marvel richer. And that's cool.

Thankfully, on Comic-Con eve last night, they threw us a bone: Firefly Online. It looks like it's going to be one of those things we can play on every device we've got -- phone, computer, dusty Commodore 64. You get the idea. From what I can tell, you'll be able to captain a ship in the old-west-y Firefly universe, smuggle shit, pick up comfort women and carefully avoid space-cannibal reavers.

While it won't exactly be GTF (Grand Theft Firefly. See what I did there? Yeah, you did.) it will be something to stem the ever-swelling tide of loneliness we've felt with every year minus new 'fly content.