Because Hunchbacks Get Laid Less: LUMOback Posture Sensor

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bill-swift - April 11, 2013

By 'hunchbacks', we mean dudes with otherwise normal spines who slouch so much, they might as well be Michaelangelo. Or Donatello. The fact is, nobody wants to get it on with a slouchy dude. Slouches look bad, they give off an "I'm-too-lazy-to-stand-up-straight" vibe which might as well translates to "I can only lie down while you do your thing on top of me."

If you grew up with a slouch, then it's time you kicked the habit with the help of the LUMOback Posture Sensor. The sensor band looks like a belt that you're supposed to wear around your waist.

It sends data about your movements and posture to an app that runs on any compatible iOS device. You can check the log every once in a while to make some changes and begin walking straight and tall--like every man should.

Get It: $149

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