Because Every Bro Needs His Joe: Heat Water Anywhere with Solar Kettle

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bill-swift - June 4, 2013

Hot water becomes a luxury when you're in the great outdoors. Most dudes can forego bathing in heated water (you can't? You sissy!) but they can't live without their morning cup of Joe. Cold coffee sucks and having to build a campfire early in the morning for a cup of coffee is a pain.

This is why the Solar Kettle is pretty much a godsend.

It's basically a solar-powered kettle that heats liquids up using the sun's energy. Make use of that morning sun as much as you can by leaving the kettle out. You can heat water up in just as quick as thirty minutes, but of course the actual time required depends on how hot it is.

You better hope it doesn't rain because the kettle wouldn't be able to do much then.

Get It: $67

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