So Tony Romo Walks into a Stadium and Throws Five Picks…

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michael-garcia - October 3, 2012

There's not really a punchline to that headline, but there was definitely a punch to the gut of Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. It would be easy to say that Romo crapped the bed because he threw five interceptions in the Cowboys' loss last night, but it's not all his fault. On the flip side, Jay Cutler only threw six incompletions (18/24) and had 275 yards in a pretty impressive night for him.

Romo's offensive line was doing him no favors, Dez Bryant runs a go route when Romo throws expecting him to hitch and that' an easy INT that gets returned for six.  Still another pick bounced off the receiver's hands. I'm not apologizing for Romo because supposedly elite QBs aren't supposed to have games like that, but that was a total team effort of sucking. And how does Lance Briggs return a pick 70 yards? That's just ridiculous.

It's been four games and I'm not sure I know who either of these teams are. Chicago is 3-1, but are they really one of the NFL's top teams? Dallas is 2-2 and they've looked great and they've looked pathetic. There's a lot of games left so both of their seasons could end up dramatically different than how they're looking right now.

The Cowboys have a bye this week and then travel to Baltimore. That could work for or against them. Take a couple days off and get their heads right, or stew in the steaming pile that that game was and it could haunt them later. For their sake, they better just bury that game tape and move on. The Bears travel to Jacksonville on Sunday.

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