Be a Good Boy and Watch This Debut Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Dogs’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - October 31, 2018


Everyone loves dogs. Well, everyone except future serial killers, I guess, but most everyone loves dogs. Since everyone, including future serial killers, also has Netflix, the new documentary series Dogs seems like a can't miss proposition. This six-episode limited series followed a plethora of four-legged friends and the humans that love them.

The series is being overseen by Deliver Us from Evil and West of Memphis director Amy Berg, along with Glen Zipper, the latter of whom admits that the series is a bright light in these dark times...

“Dogs don’t just make us feel loved, dogs make us feel safe,” says Zipper. “In the world we live in today, no matter how divided we are, we should take care to realize how much dogs mean to all of us, and how our bond with them can help bring us together.”

For her part, Berg finds the series to be uplifting and inspiring...

"In times of division, volatility and confusion, Dogs is an emotional palate cleanse. Watching the show offers a salve for the spirit and reminds us of the redemptive power of love."

The debut episode focuses on an 11-year old girl who suffers from traumatic seizures and the bond she has formed with her therapy dog Rory. I think it's safe to say you should bust out the tissues for this one.

Dogs debuts on Netflix on November 16.