‘Baywatch’ Actress Alicia Arden Spotted In An Erotic Boutique In A Skimpy Little Outfit

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elliot-wolf - April 21, 2018

Alicia Arden is a stunning actress. I could watch her frolic to and fro in the sand on the Baywatch beach from sun up to sun down. But fortunately I don’t have to find which beach she’s on when she seems to be having a blast shopping for shoes. This woman clearly has an undying love of fancy shoes. I’ve never seen a shoe store that has giant cartoon character chairs but I’d love to find out which retail location offers that kind of fun atmosphere. Because Alicia looks like she’s having a blast. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman so gleeful to try on a pair of translucent heels in my life.

What I happen to be most anxious about here us telling her how much I enjoy looking at her outfit. It’s very professional and she looks like a game show host. I’d happily be her contestant. She can ask me questions about anything and I’d do my best to answer. And if I win, my prize would be her love and affection. Because I’d take a bowl full of attention from her over the average game show jet ski, new car, or vacation that they give out after being victorious.

Photo Credit: Splash News