Batvolution: The Dark Knight’s Logo Throughout the Years

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bill-swift - December 25, 2012

Batman has gone through a lot of changes ever since he was conceptualized. It was also all for the better. Can you imagine Christian Bale donning that horrible black-and-grey spandex costume for The Dark Knight Rises and running around chasing Bane and that two-faced Miranda Tate? No? Yeah, I thought so, because I can't myself.

Bruce Wayne's costume isn't the only aspect of the hero that was re-worked and eventually revamped to fit into current trends. His logo also went through a lot of changes through the years, and we've got the full Batvolution for you to view in the gallery.

I prefer the 1992 version of the Batman logo because it looks clean and well-defined. Also because that was probably Batman's logo when I was a kid and watched the old Batman movies and cartoons of the yesteryears...

What about you? Which one's your favorite?

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