Battle Sexy Summer Legs: Emma Roberts vs. Kourtney Kardashian

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bill-swift - July 26, 2011

Just a couple petite celebrity hotties flashing legs in summer shorts.

Emma Roberts, who's lineage I lust second only to her nubile young Hollywood hotness. And Kourtney Kardashian, who despite her OG-money family and her less than tall stature, still manages to put on an A-grade leg display through most of the year. It's a nice battle of tan summer legs, well, okay, Emma Roberts is probably physically incapable of tanning, but I'd still love to spend three to forever hours rubbing SPF-Egotastic! onto her toned gams. And, Kourtney, well, for a tiny woman who recently had a baby, those sexy legs are to be applauded, as in, her legs banging together in a gesture of public gratitude. Enjoy.