BATTLE HOTTIE GANGSTER: Ashley Greene and Aly Michalka Audition for Same Movie Role

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bill-swift - May 21, 2011

How this for a job -- casting director for the female lead in The Gangster Squad, the movie based on the book about 1940's L.A. gangsters that seems to already have Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling attached, and a female lead that requires you to bring in sexy actresses, one after another, to audition in your small office. First comes Ashley Greene, Twilight hottie recently freed from Jonas Brothers beard duty and looking more lust-worthy than ever. Next, Aly Michalka, no longer a Hellcat cheerleader, now flashing cleavage and her never-ending legs in a gansterette style that make my trigger finger start itching for my love gat.  (Later on, the likes of sexy Maggie Grace and Aussie-beauty Teresa Palmer also showed up for the same audition.) Yep, your work is definitely tough. I won't even get into the whole 'casting couch' angle (though I will be imagining that thoroughly for at least three hours today alone in my private chambers). Wow. Enjoy.