Batman vs. Superman: Remember When Christian Bale Was Done? About That…

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bill-swift - August 14, 2013

It has been alleged that Christian Bale has allegedly been offered a deal to reprise his Batman role, allegedly.

Someone out there is saying that Warner Brothers may have approached the actor with a $50 million to put the cowl  and the throat rasp back on for the Man of Steel sequel (which will involve Batman). Mr. Bale has publicly stated that the Nolan trilogy was enough bat for him and that he's got his sights set on less-bat-related material. But, then again, $50 million is a shitload of money. And lots of people do lots of things for shitloads of money. Allegedly.

There's no doubt that Bale has been the best Dark Knight since Michael Keaton. (Seriously, no question). But if all that money doesn't lure him, there's nothing stopping ol' man Keaton from stepping in to play a classic Frank Miller-era washed-up Batman. Shit, I'd almost rather see that. It sure beats the other names they've been tossing around like Orlando Bloom and Ryan Gosling. No one wants to see that...except maybe your wives and girlfriends (you do have one or both of those, right?). 

Man of Steel 2, a.k.a. Batman vs. Superman is on track for a 2015 release, meaning that all of these casting rumors will be put to bed when shooting starts in early 2014.